Main Results of the MAK Award 2019

Results of the MAK Award 2019

The VIII World Automotive Components (IAC) awards ceremony took place. Every year the event becomes more and more competitive, let's have a look at this year's list of winners.
The World Automotive Components International Award has been held annually since 2012. The award is officially registered and has its own trademark (#617850).

Over 500 manufacturers from 23 countries have participated in the event and over 150,000 people have voted in the consumer categories. During this time, 189 laureates have been awarded, and more than 140 industry experts have been involved.

Information support for the award is provided by more than 50 major media outlets, including TV and radio. Materials about the IAC are placed by brand representatives, distributors, spare parts stores, service stations, professional associations, analytical and marketing agencies. Information coverage before and after the award exceeds 600,000 people.

Today the award includes 16 nominations objectively reflecting the Russian market of automotive components industry.

A detailed list of nominations and other detailed information is available on the official IAC website -

Each year the winners of IAC prize established by "Max Media Group" publishing house are chosen by professionals and final consumers of spare parts. 

This year organizers extended the audience of voting at the expense of the visitors of the main branch exhibitions of the country. Traditionally, during the exhibitions in the capital at the stand of the magazine "Autocomponents" questionnaires were collected and the competition among the voters took place. This year, such practice has also been applied at regional exhibitions.

Contestants competed for victory in 16 categories, besides there were special awards. Someone is not the first time went up on stage for his award, and for someone made a personal debut.

Let's have a look at the list of winners:

Nomination "Car Lamp of the Year". - OSRAM

Nomination "Battery of the Year". - EXIDE
(Consumer Choice)

Battery of the Year" nomination - VARTA
(Expert's Choice)

Shock Absorber of the Year - KYB
(Consumer and Expert Choice)

Nomination "Engine parts" - MAHLE
(Customer and Experts' Choice)

Suspension and steering parts Brand of the Year - CTR
(Customer and Experts' Choice)

Drive Belts of the Year - GATES
(Consumer Choice)

Drive belts of the year nomination - CONTITECH
(Expert's Choice)

Radiator of the Year - NISSENS
(Consumer and Expert Choice)

NGK spark plugs of the year - NGK
(Customer and Expert Choice)

Clutch of the Year - LUK
(Consumer and Expert Choice)

Brake Pads of the Year - TEXTAR
(Consumer Choice)

Brake pads. Japanese producer" - KASHIYMA
(Expert's Choice)

Brake discs of the year nomination - BREMBO
(Consumer and Expert Choice)

Headlamps category - HELLA
(Customer and experts' choice)

Filter of the Year - MAHLE
(Consumer Choice)

Filter of the Year" nomination - FRAM
(Experts' choice)

The nomination "Filter of the year - domestic brand" - LIVNY
(Experts' choice)

Category "Wiper Blades of the Year - HEYNER
(Choice of consumers and experts)

Brand of the Year - LIQUI MOLY
(Choice of Consumers and Experts)

Nomination "Electronics. Electronics - HELLA
(Expert judgment)

Nomination "Electronics. Electronics" - BOSCH
(Consumer's choice)

The main award this year was given to TENNECO, which became the best in the nomination "Brand of the Year Grand Prize". 

Another innovation this year was the nomination that does not single out the manufacturer and its brand, but is given directly to the person. According to voting results, the winner in the nomination "Man of the Year 2019 in the automotive industry" was - Boris Ageev.

Also during the award ceremony, the companies and specialists who won in special nominations were invited to the stage:

Nomination "For Contribution to the Automotive Industry" - Sergey Tselikov

Nomination "The best technical support of the clients" -

Alexander Sukhodolya

Nomination "Dynamic development of the Korean brand in Russia" - SPEEDMATE

LESJOFORS AUTOMOTIVE - "Contribution to the development of the Russian automotive components industry" nomination

Aggressive Marketing nomination - KASHIYMA

Innovation and environmental protection category - DENSO

New Product of the Year nomination - CORTECO

Automotive tools - jacks (screw, hydraulic, roll-up) nomination - ALCA

The organizers of the award congratulate the winners and wish them to increase their quality in the future. You can read more about how this important day in the industry took place in the next issue of Autocomponents magazine.