Main Results of the MAK-2015

Results of the MAK-2015

The winners of the annual international award "World Automotive Components" organized by Max Media Publishing House were announced. The awarding of the winners took place at a gala dinner during the Automechanika (MIMS)-2015 exhibition.

August 26, 2015 in Moscow in the exhibition complex "Expo Center" as part of the exhibition "Automechanika (MIMS)-2015" held a gala ceremony of awarding the annual international award "World Automotive Components-2015". The festive evening, organized by the publishing house "Max Media", gathered representatives of leading companies-manufacturers of automotive components, as well as representatives of companies-distributors of spare parts, experts and analysts of the automotive market and the largest industry media.

In their presence, the organizers of the World Automotive Components Award awarded the 2015 winners and presented special prizes and awards. This year's contenders were presented in 18 categories, including the "Grand Prize of the Year" nomination. The representatives of the Expert Council, as well as Internet users who voted at and participants of the drawing organized by Max Media Publishing House during the exhibition "Automechanika (MIMS)" helped to determine the winners of the Prize.

The winners of the 2015 World Automotive Components Awards were:

  • "Car Bulbs of the Year". - Osram.
  • The best brand in the "Auto Chemicals" segment - CoolStream.
  • "Battery of the Year". - Bosch.
  • "Shock absorber of the year". - KYB, Monroe.
  • "High Voltage Wire of the Year". - SLON.
  • The best brand in the segment of fuel and lubricants - "Lukoil".
  • "Brake pads of the year". - Ferodo, Textar.
  • "Brake discs of the year" - Brembo.
  • "Drive Belts of the Year" - Gates.
  • "Bearings of the Year." - NTN-SNR.
  • "Radiator of the Year. - Behr Hella Service.
  • "Spark Plug of the Year. - NGK.
  • "Clutch of the Year. - LUK.
  • "Filters of the Year" - MAHLE, LIVNY.
  • "Wiper blades of the year." - HEYNER.
  • Grand Prix Award - "Brand of the Year" - Continental.

The organizing committee of the World Automotive Components Award also presented special awards.

"For TWIN TIP technology in spark plugs," the award went to Denso. Valeo was awarded for its development of self-adjusting clutch technology. The award for "Automotive Innovation" went to Contitech. Exide Technologies, Meyle and Zimmermann were awarded in the category "Dynamic Brand Development in Russia". The award for "Best Technical Support for Distributors" went to Motorservice. "For Distribution Development" was awarded to Corteco, and "For Marketing Activity" was awarded to Carville Management Company.

The World Automotive Components Awards Ceremony was a significant event for the entire automotive industry. According to the representatives of the expert council and winning companies, the Award is a unique phenomenon in the sphere of Russian automobile business and an effective tool for establishing strong connection between producers of automobile components and users of their products. The organizers of the Prize aim to assist the development of the production and growth of the sales of automotive components, continuous improvement of the quality associated with constantly stimulating the development of the industry's market in Russia.

The organizer of the Prize, publishing house "Max Media", thanks for assistance and support the partners of the event - analytical company "ASM-Holding", analytical agency Russian Automotive Market Research (NAPI), committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation, MADI, SSC RF FSUE "NAMI", NIISTA, analytical agency GiPA Russia, ASA, ITE, "Association of Distributors of Automobile Components" (ADAK), international marketing agency AGV, as well as experts of magazines "Autocomponents", "5KOLESO", "Avtobiznes" (Novosibirsk), "Avtobiznes" (Nizhny Novgorod), portals "Info-Parts" and "A-KT. ru".