Main Results of the 2018 MAK

Results of the 2018 MAK

This year's ceremony was held under the aegis of art and it is not just because each company creates a masterpiece in its own production. The only difference from the art object, in the classic sense, is the practicality and functionality of the produced exhibit.

For someone receiving the cherished statuette is traditional, but someone first climbed the stage for a well-deserved reward. This year the list of winners was formed in such a way:


* Nomination "Auto Lamp of the Year". - OSRAM

* Battery of the Year nomination - EXIDE

* "Shock Absorbers of the Year" nomination (consumer's choice) - KYB

* "Shock Absorber of the Year" nomination (expert's choice) - MONROE

* Nomination "Engine Parts" - KOLBENSCHMIDT

* Nomination "Suspension and Steering Parts Brand of the Year" - CTR

* Drive Belts of the Year nomination (consumer's choice) - GATES

* Drive Belts of the Year nomination (expert's choice) - CONTITECH (Expert's Choice) - CONTITECH

* Rating "Radiator of the Year" (expert's choice) - NISS (expert's choice) - NISSENS

* Rating "Radiator of the Year" (expert's choice) - DENS (consumer's choice) - DENSO

* "Clutch of the Year" nomination - LUK

* "Brake Pads of the Year" nomination - FERODO

* "Brake Discs of the Year" nomination - BREMBO

* Headlights - HELLA

* Filter of the Year nomination (expert's choice) - FRAM

* Filter of the Year nomination (consumer choice) - MANN (consumer's choice) - MANN-FILTER

* Nomination "Filter of the Year. Domestic Manufacturer" - Livni

* Nomination "Wiper Blades of the Year" (experts' choice) - ALCA (experts' choice) - ALCA

* Nomination "Wiper Blades of the Year" (consumers' choice) - VALE (consumer's choice) - VALEO

* Brand of the Year in Specialty Liquids Segment - CoolStream

* Innovation of the Year nomination - MAHLE U-flex

* "Korean Brand of the Year" nomination - PARTS - MALL

* Award for "Contribution to Automotive Component Industry" - CORTECO

* Nomination "Dynamic brand development in Russia" - BLITZ, HAFT, FIXAR, GREEN FILTER, TORR , FREE Z

* Nomination "Dynamic Brand Development in Russia" - KASHIYAMA

* Nomination "The Best Network Program for Service Stations" - BOSCH

* Brand of the Year Grand Prix - MAHLE

Awards from award partner NEXUS:

* Supplier of the Year - KYB

* Product of the year - Denso spark plugs

* Best Customer Service - Valeo.

* CEO of the Year - Boris Kormilitsin (Brembo)

* Best Team - Delphi

Special Award Diplomas:

For innovation in development of diagnostic equipment - HELLA

Best guarantee policy - KYB

For innovation in the development of accessories - HEYNER

For development of new market segments - MAGNETI MARELLI

For contribution to the development of automotive components industry - MOTORSERVICE

MS Motorservice was the general partner of the award.

The award was also supported by: NEXUS Automotive Russia,

Messe Frankfurt, ITEMF Expo, MIMS Automechanika, GiPA, AUTOSTAT, SMART Engineering Center, MADI University, MAMI University, Association of Distributors of Automotive Components, NAMI Institute, ACM Holding, NAPI, NIISTA.

The organizers thank media partners of the prize:

"Autocomponents" magazine, "" magazine, "5 wheel" magazine, "" portal, "Engine" magazine, "Autobusiness News" magazine, "Body" magazine, "Autobiznes" magazine, "CarExpert" portal.